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We are pleased to work with a fine group of companies that are committed to their future and to standing behind the products they make for us. Suppliers list click here ยป


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Please fill our our contact form and brief Job description. You do not need to know your exact product or square footage. A representative will contact you to confirm the details of the project.

About us

SGFD is a property management focused company; but it's not just strata, we "cover" rental buildings as well. Established in 2008 by Greg Finlay and his wife Catherine, it is the direct result of Greg's almost 25 years experience in the industry. Our portfolio includes dozens of large scale / multi-floor projects. We would love to add your building to our list of successful installations.

Being so busy, property managers have generally appreciated samples coming to them, and this we are happy to do. Our goal though is to provide not just the right samples, but also the right advice on the best product for each application. For example, some carpets clean better than others, certain underpads are inappropriate for hallways, and two carpets that look to be very similar are often not the same at all. We would be pleased to explain the reasons why. What this really means is that we try to suggest products that we would want to see in our own property. more...